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walk to the camp

The dynamic trio of Pastor Bruce Vold, Pastor Steve Berntson and Denny Goetz will once again be trekking from the city of Carrington to the welcome sign at Red Willow Bible Camp. This year will be special as Executive Director of RWBC Pastor Jamie DesaiPastor Don Reynolds, Board President Lisa Haines and her son Dillon Haines, and Pastor Sherri Frederikson  also join in the Walk to Camp!

Over the past 6 years, this event has evolved into a creative take on a Triathlon! They have walked, biked, canoed, ridden in a horse drawn wagon and even swum across Red Willow Lake, enduring all kinds of crazy weather.


You are invited to support this event is several ways. These seven are asking for pledges for the miles they will cover. Contact one of them to be a ‘sponsor’ and encourage them along the way with your dollars.

A  Walk to the Camp Pledge Form is available. Cash and checks are very welcome and can be sent directly to the hikers or to RWBC.


You are also invited to do your own trek, either from some town to the camp, or even in your own town as you run around the school track. Bike, swim, walk or run: the important thing is to ask your friends and family to support your efforts on behalf of the camp. 

Contact one of these participants to pledge your support:  
Pastor Jamie Desai: rwbc.director@gmail.com
Pastor Don Reynolds: truck54@hotmail.com
Pastor Sherri Frederikson: pastorsherri@yahoo.com
Lisa Haines: ljhaines2000@hotmail.com
Dillon Haines: ljhaines2000@hotmail.com
Denny Goetz: dennygoetz@outlook.com
Pastor Steve Berntson : pastorsteve@nbinternet.com
Pastor Bruce Vold: bavtlc@daktel.com

If you would like any kind of support from camp staff for a walk to the camp event, let Becky Goetz know. You can choose the date that will work best for you, and camp staff can assist you with rides, water etc.

Thanks for supporting these faithful servants of the Lord!

Thank-you Becky!

Our apologies to Becky Delfs who did not get a proper thank you in the last two newsletters for her dedication to Red Willow Ministries. Thank you Becky for your tireless hours of love and labor!

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