Bushels of Love

Planting the Seeds of God’s Love

We’re excited that you are interested in helping Red Willow through grain donations!

Our “Bushels of Love” program helps farmers utilize God’s blessings to help us nourish the spiritual lives of the children we serve at Red Willow Ministries. You will receive not only tax advantages, but a feeling of good will knowing you have made a difference to help the camp provide quality programs.

Why Should Active, Self-Employed Farmers Give Grain Instead of Cash?

This method of giving has been accepted for over four decades and is promoted by charities around the nation. A gift of grain, corn, beans, or any crop you choose can be given through your local elevator and you can receive some significant tax advantages.

How Does it Work?

It is a simple process.

  1. You haul in a load or two of last year’s crop and state that the grain belongs to Red Willow Ministries.
  2. Your gift will then be used to continue and enhance the wonderful programming provided by Red Willow Ministries.

To help you through this process we’ve also created a Letter to Grain Buyers that you can use to show the elevator how to transfer the grain, as well as a Letter for the Elevator that they can use to inform Red Willow Ministries of the transfer.

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