Adopt a Cabin or Room


We are so thankful for the individuals and groups who have made the commitment to adopt a room in our retreat center, a cabin or another building at the camp. Groups can choose to provide both the materials and labor or to provide the volunteers when the materials are provided.

Having that level of involvement in the future of Red Willow Ministries is very encouraging, and allows the camp to keep improving the facilities, not just maintain what is here.

“Up for Adoption” List

These cabins and program buildings are up for “adoption.” Details, photos and estimates of time and money involved are available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

Dorm Rooms in Retreat Center

Both of the lower dorm rooms are in need of adoption. Tap into your creativity and transform one or both of these rooms into a fun space for our retreat campers to spend the night. Needs include: new mattresses, new carpet, new fire door to outside, storage unit, night stands, curtains, painting

Former Boys’ Bath House

Before being closed in 2003, this building served as a bath house for the boys’ village. Plans are underway to give it a new purpose. The cinder block building has three rooms. The large room will be used for our Environmental Education and Outdoor Recreation programs and storage. A small staff restroom will be used for staff housing for any male staff not assigned to a cabin. The utility room will be used for storage.

Many hands and dollars will be needed to replace the roof, cut in windows and replace doors, replace or repair the tile floor, upgrade the electrical and water, add storage, add a deck, improve accessibility.

Currently Adopted

Bethel Cabin

Adopted by the Miller family. Thank you! In 2009 a new roof, windows, doors, siding, soffits, wiring, lights, insulation, and interior pine paneling were all installed. New mattresses were purchased in 2010.

Bethel Cabin Bethel Inside
Bethlehem Cabin

Adopted by Grace Lutheran of Oakes. Thank you! In 2008 a new storm door was installed and the interior was cleaned. A new door and front window were installed in 2009. In 2010 the rest of the windows were installed. The roof, soffit, fascia and siding are all replaced. New mattresses were donated in 2013.

Bethlehem Cabin Bethlehem inside
Boat House
Adopted by Bob & Becky Delfs of Binford. Thank you!In 2010 a different building was hauled in and set not far from the existing boat house. In 2011, this “new” and bigger boat house received a new steel roof and siding, a new door, and a new window. This building is used to store the lifejackets and other waterfront equipment. Electricity will be dug over to the boathouse in the future.
Esther Cabin

(Formerly Spiritwood Cabin)

Adopted by Zion Lutheran of Grand Rapids. Thank you!In 2008 a new roof, doors, windows, and rafters were installed. Stairs were added to the back for a fire escape, and the interior has been paneled. New mattresses were donated in 2013. The floor will be upgraded in the future.

Esther Cabin  Esther Inside
Joshua Cabin
Adopted by Trinity Lutheran of Lisbon. Thank you!This cabin is used often for its accessibility. In 2008 a new roof was installed, as well as new doors, windows, and it was painted inside and out. 2010 saw the completion of a concrete patio on the West side. An accessible sidewalk was poured from the cabin’s patio to the Chapel and new bath house in the spring of 2010. New mattresses were donated in 2013.
Luke Cabin
Adopted by the Gary Hegland family and the Prairie Rivers Parish. Thank you!
The Heglands have put lots of work during past years into Luke Cabin including new windows, doors, and interior finishing. In 2008 a new cement patio was poured. Thanks to a new partnership with Two Rivers Parish, work will be done in October 2013 to install a new steel roof and vinyl siding.
Mark Cabin

Adopted by Our Savior’s Lutheran of Valley City. Thank you!
In 2008 a new roof, windows, and doors were installed in this cabin and interior painting was started. In 2009 the interior painting of the walls was finished. The floor was painted and a deck was built on the back door in 2010. The soffits and siding have been completed. New mattresses were donated. The last project will be skirting around the bottom of the cabin and the addition of a concrete patio by the door.

Matthew Cabin

Adopted by Morning Star Parish of Pekin, Tolna and Warwick. Thank you!This former boys’ cabin is being used as the Arts and Crafts Cabin. The talented crew from Morning Star Parish did some structural reinforcing, replaced the windows, added another door and then put on a new roof, soffit, fascia and siding. In the spring of 2013 a big deck was added overlooking the lake. Electrical upgrades and new lights were also installed. The last project would be to improve the storage areas of the cabin.

Memorial Chapel Trinity Lutheran of Carrington and Tri-County Ministry have partnered in adopting the Chapel. Thank you!Our beautiful veterans memorial chapel is the heart of the camp. In 2009, we celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2009. Work was nearly completed on a new roof and new windows were installed in the chancel area. In May 2010, the stained glass was completed and installed, the new roof was completed, and exterior painting was done.  Also in 2010, the new boys’ bath house was built and is connected to the chapel to provide restrooms for guests using the chapel. Beautiful light fixtures were donated from Zion Lutheran Church in Churchs Ferry and Norway Lutheran of rural McVille and installed in 2012-2013. 2015 Red Willow Week 1 105
Nazareth Cabin
Adopted by Maple-Sheyenne Lutheran of Harwood. Thank you!In 2009 new windows, doors, and the roof were installed. Also, the interior was painted and new curtains hung. Soffits, facia and vinyl siding work was completed in 2010. Six new mattresses have been donated. The cabin has been insulated and has had wood paneling added.
Nazareth Cabin Nazareth Inside
Phoebe Cabin
Adopted by the Satrom family. Thank you!
The Satrom family renovated Phoebe cabin with new vinyl siding, steel roof, windows, doors, and poured new sidewalk. New mattresses and flannel sheets were also purchased. In 2012, the cabin was insulated and pine car siding was put up on the ceiling and walls. Upgraded electrical service allowed for an electrical heater. The cabin also has a built in exhaust fan. Lighting was also upgraded.
Phoebe Cabin Phoebe Inside
Ruth Cabin (Formerly Little Norway)
Adopted by Sheyenne-Oberon Area Ministry. Thank you!This may be the oldest building at the camp. In 2008, a new door and windows were installed and it was painted inside and out. In 2009 a new roof was installed. The soffit and fascia were completed in 2010. New vinyl siding was installed in 2011. New mattresses have completed the renovation.
Ruth inside
 Timothy Cabin
Adopted by Trinity Lutheran of Cooperstown. Thank you!
A door and new windows have been installed, the walls insulated and sheetrocked, and painted inside and out in 2008. In 2009 new curtains were made and sheets bought for the bunk beds. A thorough cleaning is done by a faithful group each spring. The final phase of a steel roof and vinyl siding will be completed the fall of 2013.