Retreat Center Guest Rooms

Theme guest rooms are located in the Ofstedal Retreat Center and can accommodate the growing demand for adult retreat sleeping quarters. The guest rooms will sleep 34 adults, if all beds are occupied.

Americana Room

Adopted in April 2007, by Edith Brown, Frances Eidsness and Ginny Bowman. It is decorated in patriotic stars and stripes.

1 full bed; 1 day bed

Denim Daze Room

Adopted by The United Lutheran Church WELCA from Brocket. It is decorated in country-western blues.

2 sets of bunk beds

Garden Room

This cheerful room was brightened by our dynamic trio…Edith Brown, Frances Eidsness and Ginny Bowman. It overlooks the lake and is a wonderful place to retreat to.

1 full size bed

Light House Room

Decorated in memory of Olaf and May Kolden by Edith Brown, Frances Eidsness, Ginny Bowman and Bruce Kolden.

2 sets of bunk beds

Memory Lane Room

This room reflects the heritage of its creators, Edith Brown, Frances Eidsness and Ginny Bowman. They brought their own family photos, baptismal gown, and antiques to make this a very special place to stay when at Red Willow.

1 queen bed; 1 twin bed

Music Room

Decorated and renovated by the members of Sharon Lutheran Church in Grand Forks.

1 full bed

Northwoods Room

Furnished by Pastor Harold and Judy Ovre, Christopher and Karyn in honor of their parents and grandparents.

2 sets of bunk beds

Santa Fe Room

Furnished in loving memory of Eric Greenless, Dale Greenless and Jeffrey Greenless by their mother, Virginia and family and friends. It is decorated with southwest flair.

2 twin beds

Scandia Room

Feather comforters await guests at RWBC. Enjoy this cozy and warm room while attending one of our retreats. Sponsored by sisters Becky Goetz and Nancy McKinnon.

2 twin beds

Serenity Room

Decorated in honor of Violet and Walter Ohlhauser of Linton, by their children.

1 queen bed; 1 twin bed