90th Anniversary Celebration

Join us as we celebrate 90 years of changing lives! This weekend get-together will give you the opportunity to rekindle friendships, relive memories, and recharge your faith. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about the history of Red Willow Ministries, and even be able to participate in a tradition that was started at camp over 80 years ago!

Please RSVP by June 1 by clicking here and take a look at our Lodging Options.

Learn More About the History of Red Willow

Take a look at the History of Red Willow Bible Camp by Rev. Ofstedal, written in 1945. Also check out our special 90th Anniversary E-Newsletter.

Can’t wait to get started?

Start the celebration now by helping us reach our anniversary goal of collecting 90 donations of $90 and 90 stories of how God has changed lives through Red Willow Ministries. Send donations by mail or online, and mail or email your stories to office@redwillowbiblecamp.org. Please also send us your email address so that we can keep you updated on the event.

By sending your stories you give us permission to use them with your name for promotional purposes (anonymous stories also welcome).